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What is MOHS Micrographic Surgery?

About "9,500 people in the U.S. are diagnosed with skin cancer every day (and) research estimates that non-melanoma skin cancer, including basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma, affects more than 3 million Americans a year," according to the  American Academy of Dermatology.

What treatment options are available?

MOHS micrographic surgery is a surgical procedure used to treat skin cancer. This advanced method excises the cancerous tissue without damaging healthy tissue. MOHS is typically used for reoccurred cancer or people removing aesthetically unappealing skin.

For people suffering from cancer, according to the National Cancer Institute, your Glendora dermatologist removes individual layers of cancer tissue and examines your skin under a microscope to ensure all cancer tissue has been removed.

The surgery doesn't have a long recovery period. You do, however, need to rest the first few days after the procedure. You'll have stitches and about four to 14 days from surgery, your doctor will let you know when to come in to have your stitches removed.

Mohs surgery is not painful but does require local anesthesia.

One of the many advantages of MOHS, apart from being a quick and efficient procedure, is its high success rate, reaching 98%. The precision of the procedure ensures minimal scarring and is completed in one sitting with same-day testing so you're not having to worry about multiple doctor's appointments.

Skin cancer is a scary thing but it's important to know your options and the available procedures. MOHS Micrographic Surgery is just one treatment option but it's an option you may want to consider.

If it's time for your next skin exam, make sure you contact your Foothill Dermatology Medical Center in Glendora, CA, today.

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