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Are You Keeping a Good Skin Care Routine?

How your skincare professionals in Rancho Cucamonga, California can help you look your best.

Your skin performs a lot of functions, including helping you look great. Your skin also protects your vital organs and protects your body against bacteria. You want your skin to be healthy, and to look young and vibrant.

The key to having great skin is keeping a good skin care routine. The skincare professionals at Foothill Dermatology Medical Center can help you and your skin look your best. They have two convenient office locations in Rancho Cucamonga, and Glendora, California to help you.

A good skin care routine doesn’t have to be complicated. It should only take a few minutes each day, but it’s a great investment of your time and energy. Remember to:

  • Always clean off your makeup before going to bed.
  • Thoroughly clean your skin at least once each day, using only mild cleansing products, not soap. You can use cleansing milks, gels, or foams to clean your skin without drying it out.
  • Gently pat your skin and leave a little moisture on your skin. Never rub your skin.
  • Use a toner that is alcohol-free, because toners containing alcohol can leave your skin dry and tight. Using a toner will rebalance the pH of your skin.
  • Use moisturizer every day after cleaning your skin. Your moisturizer should have a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 to protect your skin from sun damage.
  • You should use a sunscreen with a higher SPF, of at least 30, if you plan on being in the sun for a long period of time.

In summer and winter, you should take extra care of your skin. Protect your skin against damage from the sun and wind with these simple steps:

  • Apply a sunscreen of at least SPF 30.
  • Try not to be out in the sun from 10 AM to 4 PM when damaging UV rays are the most extreme.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water
  • Wear sunglasses, a hat, and other protective clothing.
  • Use a heavier moisturizer during the winter months
  • Don’t linger in a hot shower or bath because it can dry your skin
  • Apply lip balm to keep your lips moist and prevent chapping

Keeping a good skin care routine can take years off of your appearance and make you feel better about yourself. Your dermatologist can help you look and feel your best too. To find out more about skin care, anti-aging techniques, and other services, call the skincare professionals of Foothill Dermatology Medical Center, in Rancho Cucamonga at (909) 256-8950, or at their office in Glendora, California at (626) 852-3376. Call today.

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