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Tips To Prevent Skin Cancer And What To Look For

The American Cancer Society states that half of fair-skinned people who live up to 65 years old will experience at least one type of skin cancer in their lives. Fortunately, regular screenings with your dermatologist, Dr. Amarpaul Sidhu of Foothill Dermatology Medical Center in Glendora and Rancho Cucamonga, CA, can help prevent this issue—read on to learn more.

Where Skin Cancer Develops

Sun-exposed skin areas like the face, scalp, ears, neck, chest, arms, hands, and lips are the most common areas where skin cancer develops. It is not true that only fair-skinned people are susceptible to skin cancer. For darker-skinned people, skin cancer can manifest in areas less exposed to the sun like the palms, soles of the feet, beneath the toenails or fingernails, and the genital area.

Although healthcare professionals are the best ones to identify skin cancers through skin exams, you can also perform a quick check-up on your own. Using a mirror in a well-lit room, check for the following:

  • Part of the birthmark or mole doesn’t match the other.
  • Irregular, blurred, notched, or ragged edges.
  • Color that is not consistent and may have black or brown shades with patches of red, blue, pink, or white.
  • A spot that is bigger than a fourth of an inch across.
  • Change in color, shape, or even size.

Any time you notice changes to your skin, consult with your dermatologist in Glendora or Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

Top Tips for Preventing Skin Cancer

The dangers of UV radiation must be properly understood because of its ability to penetrate glass, clouds, and even bounce off water, snow, and sand. Prolonged exposure to the sun leads to the accumulation of damage over the years. So how can you protect yourself against UV radiation and prevent skin cancer?

  • Make sure to stay in shaded areas between 10 am to 4 pm.
  • Avoid sunburns, tanning, and especially UV tanning beds.
  • Protect yourself with a broad-brimmed hat or UV-blocking sunglasses.
  • Apply an ounce of SPF 15 or higher sunscreen to your entire body at least 30 minutes before going outdoors.
  • When in the water or sweating excessively, reapply sunscreen every two hours.
  • Examine yourself monthly from head-to-toe.
  • Schedule a professional skin examination at least once yearly.

For Any Concerns or Questions About Skin Cancer, Give Us a Call

You can reach the Foothill Dermatology Medical Center and set up a consultation with Dr. Amarpaul Sidhu by calling our Glendora, CA, office at (626) 852-3376, or our Rancho Cucamonga, CA, office at (909) 483-0008.

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